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General System Dynamics (GSD) technology and products simplify complex data management challenges. Our tools help reduce costs and risks while delivering improved visibility and control over the ever growing volume of electronically stored information (ESI). With GSD's software, corporations are able to preserve documents and emails distributed throughout the enterprise's data backup system within the datacenter as well as forecast storage usage.

Data Manager™ Service

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Cut legal hold costs by 90% and securely preserve backup data.

With the Data Manager Service, NetBackup data, either as backup or archive, whether on disk or on tape, can be discovered and electronically secured without ever having to recall tapes or sacrifice the ability to restore data. Now it's easy to do data preservation for electronic discovery with Data Manager. The built-in native application connectors to Symantec/Veritas NetBackup, ensures seamless integration and ease of deployment to deliver secure and reliable information management to meet todays legal requirements.

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Storage Forecaster™ Service

Save millions in storage costs by being able to forecast data storage growth.

With the Storage Forecaster Service, I.T. Departments can do capacity planning in their data storage and data backup systems more accurately then ever before. With Storage Forecaster, organizations can run data use simulations of their current storage environment to more precisely gauge how much storage they will consume whether on disk or on tape. Running simulations have never been easier. With the Storage Forecaster Flight Simulator, organizations can alter the simulated backup jobs on the fly in order to see the financial impact and storage resources used without ever affecting your production backup environment. Comprehensive reports provide quantitative analysis, graphical pattern analysis and financial impact reports.

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