Cut your legal hold costs by 90% with the
Data Manager™ Service.

Making it easy to secure backup data.

General System Dynamics (GSD) offers the only comprehensive software & services solution for legal holds of backup data for eDiscovery and litigation support. GSD provides specialized products and services for the demanding and complex needs of corporations, legal service providers, law firms and consultants. Data Manager™ is the first enterprise class platform to offer comprehensive capabilities of data preservation and legal hold execution for early case assessments, legal hold management, analysis & review, and collection & culling of backup specific data. Its integrated workflow within a single application at the lowest cost makes GSD's software the perfect compliment to your current case management and legal hold system and will be an immense time saver for your data storage and I.T. staff. With Data Manager™, corporations, legal service providers and law firms can significantly reduce electronic discovery costs, risk, time & workload by more than 90%.

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